Mothers-of-the-Bride Need Wedding Shoes Too!

25th September 2018
Wonderful Waterlily in grey, blue and blush - perfect for Mothers-of-the-Bride

In our September blog we’re going to let you into a little secret… Di’s fabulous wedding shoes for sassy and stylish brides CAN ALSO BE WORN BY MOTHERS-OF-THE-BRIDE!!! Who knew?!


Wedding shoes for M-o-t-Bs too!

You already know that Diane Hassall designs and makes THE most gorgeous wedding shoes for brides, EVER!!! But do you know your mum could also wear Di’s wedding shoe styles on your big day, in her super-important role of mother-of-the-bride?


Wedding shoes checklist – for you AND your mum!

Once you’ve chosen your own dazzling Di Hassall wedding shoes and ticked that off your wedding checklist, don’t forget about what your mum is going to wear on her feet, on the happy day when she’ll be saying goodbye to her little girl and hello to her grown-up married daughter!


Feet first

One of Di’s wisest pieces of advice is that brides-to-be should style their wedding day outfit from the ground up and this applies to mothers-of-the-bride too. Choose the shoes first and finding the perfect M-o-t-B outfit gets easier straight away!

We can guarantee that your mum will start fretting (even if you’re not) about what to wear on your wedding day, from the minute you tell her you’re getting married. But fear not – we are here to help!


Di recommends…

Di recommends that you and your mum check out two of our classic styles which will work with any mother-of-the-bride outfit – the wonderful  Willo and the winsome Waterlily.

Other wedding shoe styles which are popular with mothers-of-the-bride include our favourite strappy mule, Jessica, the super-pretty Betty Anne and the lace-covered Fleur which has an elegant thin ankle strap.


Fab new colours – check them out!

The understated but utterly gorgeous Willo is now available in a sophisticated pale grey suede, as well as classic neutral nude.

The incredibly stylish nude-coloured Waterlily now comes in pale grey and pastel blue. Supplied with thin leather laces as well as hand-dyed silk ribbons, which we can easily hand-dye to match the colour of your mum’s wedding day outfit perfectly.


Make it personal

Don’t forget – if your mum is up for making it personal she can add some of our beautiful charms, clips or trims to her mother-of-the-bride wedding shoes. There’s a great selection to choose from and we’re sure there’ll be something she’ll love in our Shoe Artistry box of shoe accessories.


Instagram Inspiration

At Di Hassall we love experimenting with images of our amazing wedding shoes and Di is always posting pics of her wedding shoes worn in quirky, non-wedding-y ways, with jeans, dresses, her favourite coat or whatever takes her fancy, quite frankly! Go to the Diane Hassall Instagram page for some great mother-of-the-bride and wedding shoes inspiration.

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