Small but Perfectly Formed

You gotta love a little wedding!

The number of guests you can invite to your wedding may have been drastically
reduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic – but there’s absolutely no need to scale
down the style – small weddings are cool – it’s official!


You may have decided to get engaged during lockdown and now you are planning
your ‘new normal’ wedding. Or you may be spending time rethinking and rearranging
the plans you made for a wedding which has been put on hold or cancelled.

Whatever your circumstances, you’re going to have to stick to the new government
rules until they tell us something different – check out the current advice on exactly
what you can and can’t do by going to the official government website:https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-for-small-marriages-and-civil-partnerships/covid-19-guidance-for-small-marriages-and-civil-partnerships 

Small is beautiful

So small weddings are the order of the day now, and for the foreseeable – but not
everyone is desperate to have a big white wedding anyway. Small weddings have
always been popular, but now more than ever they are getting a lot of publicity, for
obvious reasons, as people are having to cut their guest lists down to just their
closest friends and family.

With a more intimate guest list, you can focus on creating a totally personal and
unforgettable experience for you and your favourite people. You might want to go
seriously minimal – elopements are very on trend and are a great option if money is
tight but you still want to tie the knot no matter what.

Small wedding budget bonuses

Having a smaller wedding with fewer guests to cater for will have given you back a
good chunk of your budget – good news if you or your partner have been juggling
your finances during lockdown.

And if you have had to postpone your wedding indefinitely, at least you now have
lots more time to plan every aspect of your perfect smaller wedding. You may also
be reconsidering that expensive honeymoon abroad while travel restrictions to some parts of the world are in place.

Don’t scale down the style

So you’ve got to go small on the guest numbers but you can still go big on the dress,
the wedding shoes, the flowers, the food, the table settings – things may be a bit
different at the moment but don’t let that stop you from having the best and most
beautiful wedding day possible.

Small wedding venues

Small weddings lend themselves perfectly to more intimate venues. You could have
fun finding small but unusual places to hold your wedding ceremony and/or the
reception – you could opt for a pretty country pub or a mountain cabin, a beautifully
dressed room in a period house or a cosy cottage, a tiny romantic chapel or a bijou
back garden, a little river boat or a barge… once you get looking, all sorts of
possibilities will emerge.


On a personal note, Di and her husband Mark chose to have a small wedding back in 2002 with
just 26 guests attending – not quite a ‘micro wedding’ – those are ceremonies which
have 20 or fewer guests attending according to the wedding gurus. A wedding with
between 20-60 guests is classed as a small wedding.

Oh Happy Day!

The day was a very happy one for Di and one she remembers with huge fondness.
She has great memories of being able to enjoy some really special time in the
company of her guests, rather than having to rush around madly, trying to chat to
loads of guests for a few minutes each, desperately trying not to miss anyone out!

It also meant that she could splash out on the finer details like the flowers, the table settings and gifts for guests – which meant the day was just perfect!

We don’t know when things will change and when guest number restrictions will
be lifted but we hope your small wedding is as perfect as possible.