Winter Wedding

13th December 2017

It’s nearly Christmas! Woo hoo!

Even the bah humbug types out there will have to admit that there’s something really special about a winter wedding, held in December in the exciting run-up to the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Di herself got married in December so it’s a very special time of year for her and her husband – they’re celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary this month!

Winter and Christmas-time weddings have always been incredibly popular – which is understandable, as we’re all inspired during the dark winter months by the prospect of a festive feast of family, friends and food, presents, parties and dressing up for Christmas Day. A wedding at this time of year is doubly special – it’s a great excuse for a gathering all your favourite people together to celebrate – and you’ve still got Christmas Day to enjoy! It’s like having two Christmases – what’s not to like?!!!

Brides-to-be can really go to town on a winter wedding dress, not to mention the accessories – just think of the gorgeous fur capes and stoles, feather boas and fluffy trims on shoes and gloves which can’t be worn for weddings during the summer months. Add a pair of glorious Di by Diane Hassall shoes to your wedding outfit, accessorised with crystal sparkles or beautiful beaded flowers from the Shoe Artistry collection, to ramp up the seasonal glitz and add loads of twinkly festive glamour to wedding shoes worn for a ceremony during the winter months.

And just think how fabulous you can make the venue look for your wedding and the reception – the holly and the ivy and the berries you can use in your table decorations, the Christmas tree sparkling away cheerfully in the corner, the smell of pine needles and mulled wine, and a roaring fire to warm you and your guests during the reception – a fabulous backdrop for wedding photos!

If you’re planning a winter wedding because you adore the winter and Christmas and all their associated rituals and traditions, just think how fab it would be to dress up your wedding shoes with the dangly sparkly charms you can find in Di’s Shoe Artistry box of delights -just like you dress up your tree with Christmas baubles! Happy Christmas everyone!

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