Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery by Jacqui Larsson

1st September 2023
Bride wearing wedding dress + jewellery

Top tips for choosing your wedding jewellery

Like a good marriage, jewellery worn on your wedding day should last a lifetime. Chosen well, these pieces will bring enduring pleasure and inevitably become cherished heirlooms. Here are some top tips for wedding jewellery which will ensure that you look fabulous and make great decisions about jewellery which will pass the test of time. 


The objective of wedding day jewellery is generally twofold: to accessorise the dress and to indulge nostalgia. Wedding jewellery is often a combination of new, borrowed and sometimes inherited pieces. The combination inevitably tells a story- usually about love and family.

If you have older pieces of jewellery which would benefit from being re-designed, restored or re-sized, explore the possibilities well in advance of your wedding day. Naturally, it’s the ultimate form of sustainable jewellery.  


Take your cue from your bridal gown 

Bride and groom seated at a table on their wedding day
Wedding day jewellery

Unsurprisingly, the bridal gown is typically the star of the show and largely dictates the style, type and size of jewellery. Start with the neckline. Does it invite accessorising? 

 If it does, perhaps explore a choker or necklace. If however the neckline is striking, it may make more impact unadorned. In which case we would normally advise to forgo neck jewellery in favour of statement earrings.  


Should you wear both earrings and a necklace?

Ideally you want to create a balanced look.

 If you are exploring wearing both earrings and a necklace, consider if one of the items is a showstopper and creates significant impact. If it does, then perhaps forego the other, or opt for something discreet so that they don’t compete. 

 For example, if the necklace is glamorous, then more discrete earrings will provide balance. And visa versa. 


Hair Style 

 How your hair is styled will directly influence jewellery choices. 

 Wearing it up provides the perfect opportunity for bold earrings. 


Wearing your hair loose or down can obscure your ears and diminishes the importance of statement earrings- so you can opt for something simpler. 

 If statement earrings are not your thing and you prefer something more subtle, simple studs or drop earrings can unobtrusively add some interest. 

 Hoops can be enhanced with Interchangeable Drops. These can be an ingenious way to introduce colour or sparkle. 

 If you fancy a splash of sparkle, our lab grown diamond collection offers extraordinary value. All pieces feature exceptional quality diamonds in hand crafted settings. These are also available to order in different sizes, cuts and qualities. 


The choice of bridal earrings is important 

Earrings frame your face and are immediately noticed and will appear in all wedding photos. They can vary from simple to glamorous depending on your style, the neckline of the dress and the look that you’re trying to achieve.  

bride wearing pearl earrings



Should you wear jewellery featuring colour? 

 This is a personal choice, but can be a very discreet and effective way to consolidate a colour palette throughout the bridal party capturing elements of the bouquet or bridesmaid’s dresses. 

 Colour can take the form of gemstones or coloured gold. 


You can never go wrong with pearls. Or diamonds. Never. 

bride wearing a pearl headband
 Easiest and best advice ever. 



Choose items which have enduring appeal 

 Try to avoid jewellery which is a “one hit wonder”. Timeless pieces are less likely to date and will bring you a lifetime of pleasure. 


Consistency with the bridal party 

 Consider the style and colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses and if you’re choosing jewellery for them, select pieces which will complement the overall style of the wedding. Earrings can be a lovely gift to a bridesmaid in thanks for their involvement in the day (and your life). 

 And remember, items don’t have to match- they should be coherent. 


Explore lab grown diamonds 

 If you have your heart set on diamond accessories but your budget won’t stretch that far, lab grown diamonds offer great value and opportunity. 

 If you have your heart set on diamond accessories but your budget won’t stretch that far, lab grown diamonds offer great value and opportunity. 

 Click here to explore our house collection of lab grown diamonds, all featuring exceptional quality diamonds in hand crafted settings. 

brides hands showing rings and bracelet



Customised cufflinks for the groom and ushers 

 Personalised cufflinks can be a clever and discreet accessory to introduce colour consistently throughout the wedding party. 

 They can incorporate personal motifs, gemstones, engraving or coloured enamel and are a great gift of thanks and a unique momento of a special day. 


Order wedding rings well in advance 


Wedding bands are often made to order and most couples like to personalise them with engraving. Ensure that you have selected and ordered the rings well in advance of the day. 


Need some advice? 

 As engagement ring and wedding jewellery experts, we specialise in designing, crafting or sourcing the right jewellery for you on your wedding day. If you would appreciate some independent support and advice, just get in touch. 

Contact Jacqui for advice and to arrange a consultation at

Jacqui Larsson - jewellery designer
Jacqui Larsson – jewellery designer


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